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If you're interested in placing an order or have any questions about our products, please contact us and we will be glad to help you!

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Rose Avenue was born from a creative itch in a domestic setting with love being poured out through the kitchen. What started as a holiday service to family and friends produced something delectable and fostered a demand from others, blossoming into a petite cottage business.  

My philosophy and approach is simple: to make confections the way they were made in the good old days, simply and beautifully. Besides the artisinal course, I care about every ingredient. I don’t take short cuts. The more basic, true, less synthetic and recognizable our ingredients are…the more satisfied we are. Nicaraguan sustainable, fair trade cocoa beans. Madagascan vanilla. Bulgarian rose blossom. And a bounty of California dairy, herbs, and spices that give every one of my sweets a distinctive, unforgettable west-coast flavor. 


Thank you for your interest in my sweets!


Sonya Nimri

Rose Avenue Sweets

Art and Chocolate Gift Set
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